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OOAK 03 : Menina, Berry
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We’re going to release our 3rd OOAK JerryBerry which made by JerryBerry main artist BebeLouis. 

BebeLouis has done entire concept design, making dress and makeup. 

Please keep your eyes on JerryBerry's 3rd OOAK 'Menina Berry'. 

This OOAK Berry will be sold through eBay auctions at this time. 

Please follow the link. 

we hope to release more one-off from time to time. 

Thank you :) 


Menina, Berr


JerryBerry OOAK(One of a kind) limited edition with BebeLouis

The only one doll.


Height : 25 cm tall

Head Type : Berry

Skin Color : Light brown 

Eye Color : Light Blue

Wig : 7-8 inch Ash Blond Mohair Twin Tails 


Outfit : White Dress with seed beads and laces (French laces, Mokuba laces and others), drawers, petticoat with laces, lace socks, teal blue mary jane shoes

ETC : Special Makeup, JerryBerry box, Original special illustration 


Conceptual design : BebeLouis

Make-up design : BebeLouis 

Producing dresses : BebeLouis

Illustration : BebeLouis (=Estebebe Main Artist Louis)


∵ Make-up 

Painting is done through hundreds of brush strokes with Liquitex acrylic paints and special slender brushes.

Little freckles, bright blue eyes, two cute teeth. Thick eyebrows

Blue eyes that matches tanned color have clearly drawn.

Two tooth have specially drawn to express rabbit-like cuteness.


∵ Outfits 

Berry's dress is decorated with several pintucks and delicate lace.

The neckline of the dress is decorated with various colored beads.

French laces, Mokuba laces, and other races were used.

Small drawers is finished with silk ribbon.

The end of the fabric is finished with a fray stop.


∵ Special illustrated card 

Original watercolor illustration is included instead of the plastic special card    


☞ Material of head part : resin

JerryBerry head parts are handmade by professionals. 

High class resin doesn't easily change color.  


☞ Material of body parts : 

JB Body - Ball Jointed Resin Body.

We wanted to design the body which has natural body-line and adorable atmosphere.

And we thought the body must have a feeling of warmth while it goes well with JerryBerry's fairy-tale style face.

JB body can be best choice because its colour and material is same as JB heads.

** Very small dot or tiny bubble can be shown on the body. Please place your order after careful consideration.

Especially, due to the nature of tanning skin, small scratches can be noticeable compared to normal skin. Please notice that it is not a faulty. We ask your kind understanding.


※ Please bid after careful consideration.


※ OOAK limited edition will be sold as the only one doll by each type.

※ OOAK limited edition will not be re-released.

※ Makeup and dresses are handmade and may not be perfectly symmetrical.

※ Please notice that partly changing from current status is NOT possible.


※ Only PayPal accepted.

※ Payment has to be done within 24 hours after the auction closing.

※ It is recommended that customer who knows the characteristics of Jerry Berry purchase it.

※ Cancelling or changing the order is impossible after the payment is confirmed.


※ Shipping fee is free at this time.

※ We only use EMS for shipping. From South Korea to worldwide.

※ After confirmation of payment, Shipping will start after 10 business days (2 weeks) for preparation. Thank you for your patience.