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Winter Haze COZY
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Winter Haze COZY

2017 JerryBerry 22nd Limited Edition




Head Type : Cozy

Height : 25 cm tall

Body : JB body

<< Obitsu body can't be selected anymore. >>

<< If you want to change JB body to Obitsu body, please contact us via email. >>



Eye Color : Light Ocher with 3 ribbons

Make up : Pink cheek and pink lips


Finish : Matte Finish

If you leave us memo as 'Semi gloss' when you order, we'll do semi gloss finishing.


(Cancelling or changing the way of finishing is impossible after order.)


Wig : 7-8 inch blonde curly hair


Outfit : Coat dress with brown check patterns.
(The top and bottom of dress can't be separated.)
Fur neck warmer,
Khaki Stocking,
Brown hat,

Black vintage boots, 

ETC : Special Makeup, JB box, special edition card





Make-up Design and Manufactured by BEBELouis (=Estebebe Main Artist Louis)

We ensure that you will be satisfied with JerryBerry's quality.


Outfits by Choco Cookie

Shoes by Glib



* We took the pictures with JB body.



 Order period 

Thursday, December 21st, 2017 14:00 (GMT+9)



* If payment is not confirmed in 24 hours, it will automatically canceled




All JerryBerry dolls are order-made.
Therefore, the manufacturing process will start after the payment is confirmed.
Please be advised that 40~70 business days ( 8~14 weeks ) 
after the payment is confirmed will be required to process this product.


We ask for your patience.




Please note that in case the volume of orders is too big, 
the preparation period may take longer than expected.



We ask your kind understanding for taking more time to make high quality JBs.




To prevent too many orders being made at one time, we have limited the number of orders per order. 
We ask for your kind understanding.




Cancelling or changing the order is impossible after the payment is confirmed.
Please place your order after careful consideration.







▶ Material of head part : resin
JerryBerry head parts are handmade by professionals. 
High class resin doesn't easily change color.  




 Material of body parts : 

JB Body - Ball Jointed Resin Body.

We wanted to design the body which has natural body-line and adorable atmosphere.

And we thought the body must have a feeling of warmth while it goes well with JerryBerry's fairy-tale style face.

JB body can be best choice because its colour and material is same as JB heads.

** Very small dot or tiny bubble can be shown on the body. Please place your order after careful consideration.


Obitsu 21 Body - plastic jointed body


Obitsu plastic jointed body parts, allowing for various poses.
Hand parts are made of rubber material to reduce the dangers of being damaged.
All parts are a uniform bright and clear color. 


<< Obitsu body can't be selected anymore. >>

<< If you want to change JB body to Obitsu body, please contact us via email. >>



*** Click this link to compare JB body and Obitsu Body ***




 JerryBerry’s makeup is hand-drawn, and thus may differ from doll to doll.

※ JerryBerry’s wigs, clothes and shoes are all hand-made, and thus may differ.