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JERRY Basic 2013
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JERRY Basic 2013 

 Droopy eyes, puckering lips, pink cheeks. 

You'll fall head-over-heels for Jerry's irresistible charm!



Eye Color : Deep Green

Size : 25cm tall (Obitsu Body)
Wig size : 7~8 inchs 
Shoes size : 30mm 

Finish : Matte finish + glossy eyes and lips 



Option Information


[Non-option with JB Body]

    Jerry Head with makeup, JB Body, Joint fix part for neck, velcros, non-option Box


[Full set with JB Body]

    Jerry Head with makeup, JB Body, Khaki brown short cut wig,

    Outfits, Shoes, Joint fix part for neck, Special Card, JerryBerry Product Box


(We took the pictures with Obitsu body.)



JerryBerry makeup is created at the hands of the best doll makeup artists at EsteBebe. 

Make-up Design and Manufactured by BEBELouis (=Estebebe Main Artist Louis)

We ensure that you will be satisfied with JerryBerry's quality.


Shoes by Atelier613


You can change make-up finishing. (Matte-> Semi Gloss)

If you want to change, Please leave a memo when you order.

- Longer preparation period will be required. 

- You can’t change the finishing after we confirm your order.


Preparation period : 

Preparation time for shipping is different every order period.

Please be sure to check prepartion period for each order period.




Cancelling or changing the order is impossible after the payment is confirmed.
Please place your order after careful consideration.


 Material of head part : resin
JerryBerry head parts are handmade by professionals. High class resin doesn't easily change color.  


○ Material of body parts : 

JB Body - Ball Jointed Resin Body.

We wanted to design the body which has natural body-line and adorable atmosphere.

And we thought the body must have a feeling of warmth while it goes well with JerryBerry's fairy-tale style face.

JB body can be best choice because its colour and material is same as JB heads.

** Very small dot or tiny bubble can be shown on the body. Please place your order after careful consideration.


 JerryBerry’s makeup is hand-drawn, and thus may differ from doll to doll.
※ JerryBerry’s wigs, clothes and shoes are all hand-made, and thus may differ.